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Another cutie?


++ the basics
Name// Annie.
Age// Fourteen.
Location// Milwaukee.
Sex// Female.

Promote to one user/community. Give us a link here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/xcgirls/75397.html?mode=view

++ favorites

[5] favorite bands/singers:
`Modest Mouse.
`The Killers.
`Paul Simon (including Simon&Garfunkel stuff).
`I like a lot of Croatian bands and singers, which you guys probably wouldn't know. (Such as Gazde, which is a Croatian rock band and Zvonko Bogdan, who is like the Frank Sinatra of Croatia.)

Ten [10] favorite movies/tv shows:
`Law & Order.
`That 70's Show.
`The Notebook.
`Life Is Beautiful.
`Sixteen Candles.
`Almost Famous.
`Mean Girls.
`Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
`Cheaper By the Dozen (I love mushy-gushy family stories).

Five [5] favorite books:
`Chasing Redbird.
`Gossip Girl.
`Harry Potter (all of 'em).
`The Green Mile.

Four [4] places you'd like to go:
`Cape Cod.
`Croatia (again).

Three [3] things you want to do with your life:
`Graduate from college.
`Travel the world.
`Adopt a baby or two.

Two words that describe you:

One reason why we should accept you:
`Because if I'm accepted I'll actually RATE PEOPLE'S APPLICATIONS instead of letting the community go dead.

One reason why you're to cute for words:
`Well if I'm too cute for words, I guess I can't explain it with words, can I? ;•P

++ pictures ++
(at least two)

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