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Another Cutie*


++ the basics
Location//Los Angeles, California

Promote to one user/community. Give us a link here: i promoted you to my friends lj.

++ favorites

[5] favorite bands/singers:
`Jason Mraz
`Snoop Dogg
`Kanye West
`Alicia Keys

[5] favorite movies/tv shows:
`The Count of MOnte Cristo
`White Chicks
`As Told by Ginger
`Green Acres

Five [5] favorite books:
`Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
`Flyy Girl
`For Love of Money
`The Coldest Winter Ever
`The Diary of Clotee: A Slave Girl

Four [4] places you'd like to go:
`New York

Three [3] things you want to do with your life:
`Finish College
`Have a family
`Become a model

Two words that describe you:

One reason why we should accept you:
`I'm a great person with a wonderful personality. I have refrences...that was a joke ;p

One reason why your to cute for words:
`Because I just am :p no, not trying to sound conceited. Because I'm wonderful.

++ pictures ++
(at least two)

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Deleted comment

hehe. sorry. photobucket is on crack right now so all of my pictures aren't gonna be up til tomorrow. i wish I had them some place else. darn.

Deleted comment

thanx* i will.
i don't really care what u look like i hated everything about ur applicaiton

sorry i'm a big fat red x of doom NO

read some better books, watch some better movies and listen to some better band then come back and apply


June 30 2004, 21:44:15 UTC 13 years ago

i thought you were supposed to rate her on jer over all personality. you obviously haven't read those books she put, because other than the first one, they are all really good black books. as for everything else you said no to, it doesn't make sense to say no because you don't like the music she listens to and the movies she likes to watch. you must be forgetting that she is black, therefore, her likese and dislikes will be different from yours.

that is like the most racist comment i've heard in a long shes black that doesn't make anything different we didn't have anything in common and yea i was basing things on her personality if i wasn't i wouldn't have cared about what she looked like
Angus Thongs and Full frontal snogging rocks, and so do your places b/c i've been to all of them!! + You're gorgey.
I say yes. Just cuz. I dunno. You look hot in pink! and your little sister (maybe..?) is adorable. :)
yeah, thats my sis. thanx. ;P
i was wondering when i canfind out if i've been accepted or not because i have it on my userinfo that i'm a member and i don't want to give people false impressions. thank you.

hey i mod this community and im sorry i have not been here in so long because my computer is broken and the part we need is gonna take a while to get but anywaays...

yes! i love your books and places!!! and ur cute and so is ur sister?!